Speaking Frequently, Meeting Locals

By: Andrew McRoberts, Editor. This was posted Thursday, October 15th, 2009

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In my new role as counsel in the local government team at Sands Anderson Marks & Miller, I get great opportunities to get out of the office and meet lots of local government officials and groups all across Virginia. I am in the midst of a busy speaking season.

I spoke to the Virginia Commissioner of the Revenue Association (CORA) regarding the West Creek Associates v. County of Goochland tax assessment cases, which has been the subject of a series of articles on this blog (part one, part two and part three). Then, I spoke to regional planning and zoning officials from Stafford County, King George County, Spotsylvania County and more at a Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association (VAPA), Chesapeake Region Section meeting on “how to do rezoning and not get sued … or win if you do.” I was pleased to be joined by Curt Spear, Assistant Prince William County Attorney, who did a great job speaking on best practices with zoning proffers.

Last week, I spoke to the Local Government Paralegals Association (LGPA) on Purchase of Development Rights/Open Space & Conservation Easements/Transfer of Development Rights. Just this week, I served as the opening night speaker for the Citizens Planning Education Association of Virginia (CPEAV, soon to be PlanVirginia) on “how to do rezoning and not get sued … or win if you do” and also served on a panel discussing planning commissioners and their relations to governing bodies. In two weeks, Curt Spear and I reprise our one-two punch on rezonings and proffers for the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia (LGA) just before Halloween.

Whew! It is a good thing that I enjoy speaking!

But what I have enjoyed the most is meeting so many local government officials who are intent on doing a good job. They appreciate the importance of their role in serving the citizens of Virginia and their locality. At each stop this month, I have met many really nice people who do a great job, ask earnest questions and try to absorb everything they can. I applaud local government officials who take the time to learn how to do their job better.

Thanks to everyone for the invitations! After the LGA Conference at the end of October, I will be out on the hustings again soon, I expect. Please give me a call or send me an email to invite me to speak, to find out where I’ll be next or just to talk. In the meantime, you can follow me on http://twitter.com/AndrewMcRoberts, or on this blog!

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