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Second Amendment Applies to States (and Localities)

U.S. Supreme Court Rules for Incorporation in McDonald v. City of Chicago: Litigation Likely Last year, this blog reported that the U.S. Supreme Court would be ruling on a key Second Amendment case arising in Chicago that may have a bigger impact on state and local governments than the D.C. gun ban case previously decided. […]


Zoning and Privatization of Virginia’s ABC Stores

In his campaign, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell proposed privatization of the state-owned ABC (liquor) stores as one way to raise revenue without raising taxes. It is important to remember that taking a use that is now public and making it private has repercusions under local land use law and can have concerns for the citizens.


New Opinions from the Virginia Supreme Court

The Virginia Supreme Court issued four opinions today of particular interest to local governments. Three involve localities as parties (City of Falls Church, County of Fairfax, and Town of Vienna), and the fourth involve a construction case filed against the Commonwealth of Virginia in which the Court addresses several issues of interest to local governments. […]


Evolution in eDiscovery Case Law

Local governments, like all litigants, are facing a brave new world of electronic documents and discovery. When the 21st century ease of creating, sharing and destoying information meets the long-standing law of spoliation, there is a volatile mix.