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Filming Day

Today is filming day at Sands Anderson! I spent about an hour being filmed for various video clips that will be used on my firm website page, and on this blog page, Other lawyers from various teams are also being filmed.


Misnomer: U.S. Supreme Court Holds Proper Defendant’s Knowledge is Key

Sands Anderson is a blogging law firm. If you go to our firm website home page, you will see the eleven blogs (at this time) supported by the lawyers of Sands Anderson PC. Although this is a Virginia local government blog, often the firm’s blogs will discuss a topic of interest to Virginia local government […]


Virginia BZAs Get “Off the Hook” on Appeal

The 2010 Virginia General Assembly adopted HB 1063, which is a helpful simplification of the process by which BZA decisions are appealed to circuit court. It is effective July 1, 2010, and is published at 2010 Virginia Acts of Assembly chapter 241.


Issues with Cash Proffer ‘Delayed Payment’ Law

A number of local government attorneys have been asking tough questions about HB 374 and SB 632, identical bills which became effective law on July 1. 2010 Va Acts of Assembly ch. 549, 2010 Va Acts of Assembly ch. 613.