Virginia Local Government Law Blog’s First Anniversary

By: Andrew McRoberts, Editor. This was posted Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

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The one-year anniversary of the Sands Anderson Virginia Local Government Law blog came and went on July 24. Anniversaries, like birthdays, are opportunities to look back and celebrate.

And this blog has a lot to celebrate!

The Virginia Local Government Law blog has steadily grown in readership over the year, and in July 2010 became the most popular blog among the many popular blogs at Sands Anderson PC! This blog has covered some of the many issues affecting the practice of local government law. We have published articles on land use, zoning, vested rights, Boards of Zoning Appeals, Boards of Equalization, tax appeals, noise ordinances, the private v public practice of law, new alternative onsite septic systems, stormwater regulations, transfer of development rights, family subdivisions, various civil procedure topics, social media, holiday issues, the Second Amendment and legislation and opinions issued by the U.S. and Virginia Supreme Courts affecting local governments. And more.

Wow. This recap is a reminder of how diverse and interesting the practice of local government law can be. While a specialty in its own right, its substantive law covers quite a bit of territory.

Thanks for your readership, and for your support of this blog. We welcome your comments – just use the box below. Thanks again.

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