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More on Sanctions: The View from the Bench

Following up the recent posts on this blog regarding sanctions, The Locality Strikes Back: Sanctions (Part 1) and The Locality Strikes Back: Sanctions (Part 2), it is still tough to get a court to order sanctions for many reasons.


Leader in the Law 2010

Recently, I was chosen by Virginia Lawyers Weekly as one of its “Leaders in the Law” for 2010.


Explosions and Evacuations

Thursday, October 7, 2010 was a normal, sunny blue-sky day in my firm’s high-rise office building, until it wasn’t. In mid-afternoon, it all started with hearing a loud bang, feeling a jolt through my chair and seeing the power flicker briefly, then no other sign of trouble. My Thursday was back to normal. Or so […]


After Failure But Not Error: County of Albemarle v. Keswick Club (Keswick II)

The second significant local government law opinion from the Virginia Supreme Court in September was County of Albemarle v. Keswick Club, L.P. (Keswick II). This opinion addresses what happens after a finding that an assessor has failed to consider and properly reject alternate valuation methods. After such a “failure,” what is the “next step” a […]