A Government Solution

By: Andrew McRoberts, Editor. This was posted Friday, July 22nd, 2011

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I am often asked. “What kind of law do you practice?” 

As a long-time local government attorney, most of my practice involves representing and defending litigation against governments, governmental entities, officials and their employees.  That is what I have done for most of my legal career in private practice and as a full-time attorney with Arlington, Culpeper and Goochland Counties. 

But a small but growing part of my practice involves representing businesses in need of a government solution. 

What do I mean by a “government solution?” 

A governmental solution is assistance that a governmental body, official or employee can provide to help solve a problem.  This assistance could take the form of an ordinance or statute, amendment of an ordinance or statute, a zoning or other governmental approval, enforcement of applicable state or local laws, a needed administrative interpretation, or simply getting the right people talking to one another.  Government can be a powerful ally and problem solver. 

To me, litigation is not a government solution.  Litigation is a judicial solution and an adversarial one at that, with no guarantee of result.  Being adversarial with government can often be the wrong course, and actually delay or prevent a solution.  Working cooperatively with government can be wise investment of time and resources.

I happily represent governments and defend them in litigation.  My record speaks for itself in that regard.  However, in addition, I am pleased to represent select businesses needing a government solution.

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