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10 Lessons from the Verizon Cases at the State Corporation Commission

In December of 2009, Verizon Communication, Inc.’s two “baby bell” subsidiaries in Virginia (Verizon Virginia, Inc. and Verizon South, Inc. — collectively, “Verizon”) filed applications to correct erroneous assessments of almost all of its personal property in the Commonwealth for tax year 2009, and seeking significant refunds.  Verizon ultimately added a claim for tax year 2010 […]


New Virginia Supreme Court Opinions Affecting Virginia Local Government Law – November 4, 2011

The Virginia Supreme Court issued new opinions today.  Two opinions relate to Virginia local government or laws applied by Virginia local governments.  One opinion involves a Virginia local government (Montgomery County) and an interpretation of the internal improvements clause and the credit clause of Article X, Section 10 of the Virginia Constitution: 100350 Montgomery County […]


The Sands Anderson Government Group Grows

We are pleased that attorneys Bradford A. King and Nicole S. Cheuk recently joined the Sands Anderson Government Group.  Brad and Nikki represent local government clients all over Virginia, with an emphasis on local school boards and K-12 school districts.  We are pleased that Brad and Nikki have joined our Virginia local government team, and appreciate the strength […]