Gov. McDonnell: No Devolution Without Money to Pay for It

By: Andrew McRoberts, Editor. This was posted Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

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As an update to the December 13, 2011 blog post on VaLocalityLaw, “Devolution:  Will Virginia Pass its “Neglected,” “Crumbling” Highway System on to Local Governments?” Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has stated his position.

In an article appearing on a Washington Post blog post, “McDonnell does not support shifting transportation costs to localities,” Governor McDonnell stated that devolution of state highways to localities without money to pay for it is bad public policy.  He says the issue needs to be studied.  He only appears to favor devolution if localities can pay for the costs, saying ““If you have the authority, then you ought to have the ability to pay for it. That’s just common sense.”
This is good news for local governments, although how much money and taxing authority would be adequate given the woeful state of state secondary roads today and the enormous fiscal impact on future local government budgets may be the most critical question in this devolution debate.


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