2010-2011 Annual Survey of Local Government Law: University of Richmond Law Review

By: Andrew McRoberts, Editor. This was posted Friday, January 13th, 2012

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As promised (see VaLocalityLaw April 12, 2011 post, “University of Richmond Law Review, the Sequel”), Virginia local government law finally made it as a practice area into the University of Richmond Law Review Annual Survey of Virginia Law Edition, Vol. 46, No. 1 (November 2011).  Until the website changes, the “current issue” link shows a bit of the cover.  If you want a published copy of the annual survey, you can subscribe for $20 or get all four issues for the year for $35 at this link.

I am proud of how well this article turned out.  Let me hear from you if you want a copy.  Let me hear about ways to improve the article.

Many thanks to all those that helped in its creation.  The original idea for the local government annual survey article came from discussion I had with Sands Anderson’s own Sarah Warren Beverly, former University of Richmond Law Review Annual Survey Editor.  Thanks, Sarah Warren, for passing on this idea to your successor, Laura May!  Thanks to Dan Siegel, head of the Sands Anderson Government Group, for thinking that I was the right author for the article when the Law Review called.  Ian Lambeets, UR Law Student and Sands Anderson Summer 2011 Clerk, assisted in initial drafting and with those pesky citations.  Thanks to Laura May and her Law Review Annual Survey staff who helped spade and edit the article. 

Many local government attorneys involved in the cases or in the legislative process assisted me over the year to understand better the Virginia Supreme Court cases and adopted General Assembly bills.   These attorneys are a testament to the excellence found in Virginia’s local government attorney offices.  They included Albemarle County’s Andy Herrick, Arlington County’s Ara Tramblian, Chesterfield County’s Rob Robinson, City of Falls Church’s John Foster, Fairfax County’s David Bobzien, Cynthia Bailey and Erin Ward, Isle of Wight County’s Mark Popovich, Town of Leesburg’s Jeanette Irby, Frederick County’s Rod Williams and Virginia Municipal League’s Mark Flynn. 

Thanks to all who made the article possible.  I hope that Virginia local government law annual survey will return again next year!

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