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Standard for a BZA to Grant a Variance Little Different Than Expressed In Cochran: Martin v. City of Alexandria

When the Virginia Supreme Court issued the opinion in Martin v. City of Alexandria on June 7, 2013, it gave some guidance regarding the current legal standard for a Board of Zoning Appeals to grant a variance.  This helped a great deal. Local governments attorneys, Boards of Zoning Appeals and landowners have debated for several […]


The “ABCs” of Vested Rights in Zoning

Recently, I spoke to a group of local government officials and staff and other interested persons on the history of vested rights in Virginia, the recent vested rights cases decided in 2012 and 2013, and the state of the law in 2013. This is a very complex area, both in the case law of Supreme […]


In Virginia Attorney General Race, Every Vote Counts

On election night 2013, as I stood watching election returns, an Australian gentlemen visiting America asked me what percentage of Virginians were voting that day. I paused to think.  First, I recited the percentage of registered voters that typically vote in a Virginia election, 40%, give or take.  Then, I considered what percentage of the […]


Newly Elected Officials Workshop

Sands Anderson PC and Davenport & Company LLC are pleased to present a half day program for Newly Elected Officials. The program will lead participants through the many issues that elected Officials encounter on a regular basis. The seminar is designed to assist Newly Elected Officials to understand and discuss Virginia local government and school […]