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Re-Districting After Shelby County v. Alabama: a Volatile Mix of Race and Politics

In 2012, following the 2010 decennial census, Virginia re-drew the boundaries of its Congressional Districts.  In 2013, plaintiffs brought a Voting Rights Act challenge to that re-districting.  They alleged that the re-districting unconstitutionally packed African-American voters into a small number of Districts.  The suit was ultimately defended by Virginia’s Republican Congressional delegation and was initiated […]


Police Shooting of Unarmed Suspect Who Threatened with Fake Gun Deemed Reasonable

     Written by Michelle L. Warden and Cullen D. Seltzer Police Officers are often faced with unimaginable circumstances that most of society runs away from.  However, police officers took the oath to protect and serve, and to run towards that danger.  Sometimes, running towards that danger means that an officer will have to make a […]


Guest Post on Musings: Virginia Infrastructure Needs Hurt Economic Development

Today, my first guest post went up on Chris Hill’s Construction Law Musings blog!  It is entitled, “Virginia Infrastructure Needs Hurt Economic Development.”  Feel free to click on the link to read it. As a long-time local government attorney who has observed first-hand the effects of a lack of public infrastructure funding in Virginia, I […]


Va Supreme Court Opinions Affecting Local Government Law: March 4, 2011

The Virginia Supreme Court handed down several opinions impacting the practice of Virginia Local Government Law today.  These summaries are pulled from the Virginia Supreme Court website. They include: 092158 Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Chesterfield County   In ruling on a taxpayer’s application for refund of business, professional and occupational license taxes paid to a county, […]